Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pedalo had nothing on this

Collingwood fined for lap-dancing outing; Pietersen fined for lap-dancing
By the Associated Press
Published: September 19, 2007
Filed at 9:28 AM EDT

Cape Town, Republic of South Africa (AP) - Twenty20 World Cup officials, ECB big-wigs, and local police are still struggling to come to terms with the latest development in LapGate, a scandal that threatens to derail England's anemic Twenty20 campaign (though a match later in the day against perennial underachievers India could still put it on track). While initial reports on LapGate had merely reported the English captain as being subject to light disciplinary action and a $1000 fine after being caught in a lap-dancing club, the latest news is far worse. For the lap-dancer in question has now been reported to be none other than Kevin Pietersen. Police are not sure what to make of this bizarre incident. "I can understand it in some sense; he is a bit of an exhibitionist, he likes showing off and strutting and preening, and his voice is a little on the thinner side", said Deputy Superintendent Karl Lagersveld of the Cape Town Police Department. "But this business of dressing up, and bumping and grinding it out for the English captain struck me as a bit too much". However, Pietersen's old cricketing mates were not surprised. "He always had a thing for English cricket - what better way to show it than to shake it for the English skipper?", said an old associate that declined to be named. It is unclear what disciplinary action the ECB has in mind for Pietersen. However, reliable sources suggest that at the very least, Pietersen could be forced to join the Twenty20 cheerleaders on the sideline (during the India-England match) in lieu of a 10-match ban.


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