Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brilliant but dicey

Tendulkar is batting quite brilliantly but his shots (those paddles down to fine-leg) against Mascarenhas are making me increasingly nervous - there is a very good chance that he will top-edge on, or get bowled, or LBW. He's scoring tons of runs that way so perhaps my fears are unjustified but its still a scary shot to be playing.

Speaking of Mascarenhas, I missed his innings-ending pyrotechnics (I was out biking). I wonder if Yuvraj will ever live that down, and if he'll ever bowl the last over in a one-day international again (perhaps once he becomes India's ODI captain?)


Blogger G said...

I also feel the same way about Tendulkar's batting when he is trying all those 'cute' shots. It is really not necessary for a man of his class. Unnecessary risk. When he go the classical way, why try to get cute and get out!

1:14 AM  

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