Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mixed stuff

India have taken three wickets in the opening session, but frankly, the bowling has been a bit spotty. Zaheer hasn't bowled as much on the stumps as he'd have liked; Sreesanth hasn't picked a consistent line either. With Singh and Kumble the story is a little different: the former has swung the ball consistently, and the latter, wonder of wonders, is actually turning his leg-breaks. I've also been a bit bemused by the excessive use of a leg-slip (yes, I know two catches went down in that position, one by Karthik, who despite his obvious cricketing talent as a fielder, continues to drop dollys), but for bowlers like Sreesanth, whose main talent is outswingers, the use of that position is a bit weird. But all said and done, three wickets, including the vital one of the English captain, was a very good return for the morning.


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