Friday, August 10, 2007


Having witnessed the second day's play, Andrew Miller is moved to excessive self-pity, and bleats thus:
In truth, England's fortunes never recovered from the loss of a crucial toss on the first morning of the match. There is plenty time yet for them to be drowned under the sheer weight of runs that India have now amassed, but it still seems a shame that a series that had been so close for two matches should now be veering towards a rout on the strength of an incorrect call.
I'm confused, or perhaps I just don't have as good eyesight as Miller does. For when the toss was called yesterday, I didn't see anyone fill out a scorecard that said "India 664 all out, Kumble 110, Tendulkar 82 etc.". As far as I know, that score only went up today, after almost two days of batting (and bowling). Last time I checked, runs weren't put up on scoreboards (and neither were wickets) just because a toss was won. Last time I checked, the game had to be played in order to be won (or lost). There is a fine whine in the air. Its almost music though.


Blogger Golandaaz said...

Come on now, from an English perspective had Vaughn won the toss and batted things would have been different. Let's give the English some time and forums to express their frustrations. The next 3 days are foing to be "slow death" for England.

2-0 India and a 2nd place behind Australia in the ICC rankings is on the cards. We have 3 days to see England disintegrate

5:37 PM  
Blogger John said...

Let him whine, man. The slow hum of the Miller-whine can be the background score while Kumble rubs some English noses into the dirt.

And how, how can Peter Moores seriously believe that all three results are still possible??

1:50 AM  
Anonymous straight point said...


i think they have lost their minds coz after lords they were thinking that they merely have to step on ground to complete the formality of series win...

the script went out horribly wrong for them and they should be allowed to express their frustrations to lords weather, toss and everything but to acknowledge that they were and are going to be beaten by better TEAM...

i put caps on team coz not after famous australia tour i have seen india play like a true team...

and i think they deserve every right to be in this commanding position...

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow what a feat. Remarkable. We had known Kumble the bowler and now he the batsman. His main job is yet to begin and if he does the role as he does, then he s the Man of the match and a person who was never heralded in the crowd of glorious batsmen in his generation and being overshadowed by other spinners - one legend and other a cheat.

Andrew Miller and Athers should dig their nose in dirt and bury themselves untill England dont manage to win against a decent opposition outside England.

England have been outclassed and beaten comprehensively by a betetr team who was Dad's army and over whom the victory would be a stroll in the park.

Geofrey Boycott who predicted 2-0 win for Eng, now should bury himself in his mum's tooth brush....

Tough lesson for England : slediging, jelly beans, chatterbox lame duckling keeper and a sledging infield doesnt win you matches. Simple smart and thinking cricket does it for you.

And now its time for tough decisions for England. a 0-5 loss to Aus and now a 0-2(or 1) to India....All their hard work of 2003-05 is gone down the drain....

Think England think. Dont put the excuses for defeat to ICC 's mishandling of Beamersanth or the sledging or whatever they always find out to blame to.

Well done Indians.........

3:57 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

I think what provoked my acerbic response to Miller's piece was the bit about "on the strength of an incorrect call". Thats an excessively reductive take on things. I don't know how things are going to play out over the next three days; England could still save this match if someone bats well, and the Indian bowlers flag in fairly warm weather on a good batting track.

John: I think Moores would have to say those kinds of things. But perhaps he is a little more inclined to the occasional disconnect from reality (I'm thinking about his "turn-off-the-mikes" comment here).

Straight: Its going to take a lot of patience from India to win this match, lots and lots of it. The bowlers will get tired and so will the fielders, and there will be the occasional big partnership. Whats important is that they don't flag.

Tugga: I'd written off India as well before the series (for the most part). I'm going to have to publish a retraction very soon!

9:52 AM  

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