Monday, June 04, 2007

The Indians are coming?

Mukul Kesavan again pens an excellent piece on the usual BCCI-Anything-do-with-Indian-cricket bashing over at Cricinfo. And then, Andrew Miller pitches in (Kesavan was responding to his piece on Sonn). Check it all out. I found Miller's response irritating and in a slightly intemperate mood, I sent in the following comment. I'm not sure it'll get accepted, and in a way I regret not having said something more except to point to an emotion that gets triggered in these exchanges:
Andrew, your long response to Kesavan's piece is clearly written with feathers ruffled. But you don't get it. As you didn't get it when I wrote in complaining about the English-centric coverage on Cricinfo. You are still speaking from an English perspective, which still sees itself as the center of the cricketing world. It isn't. India is. And you're going to accept this - whether in the end it means a split of the cricketing world so that England can continue to remain the center of a smaller empire. Identifying English views with "those good for the game" is asinine, and you got called out for it. Nothing in Kesavan's piece indicates any lack of concern for cricket, or a reluctance to call a BCCI spade a spade. What Kesavan reacted to, and what lots of Indians will, is this constant treatment of the Indian presence in cricket as a noveau-riche embarassment at a garden party given by the genteel English. The party continues because Indians pick up the tab. If you want to snigger about us in private, by all means do so. But the days you could get to do this publicly and not get called out for it are over. Once again, deal with it.
I agree, theres tons more to be said.


Blogger Homer said...

Everyone talks of the un-sustainability of India playing Pak playing Sri Lanka playing bangladesh over the long term.

The same argument applies for England playing Australia playing New Zealand.

And here is the other thing - if India as a spectator nation tires of cricket, how long will the cricket economy survive?

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