Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wasn't meant to be, what?

Not such a good time for test cricket then. Two draws; one forced upon it by the bad weather on the last day of the match (Lord's), and another by the bad weather that haunted it throughout (Chittagong). (Parenthetically, does it seem like way too many of these rain washouts happen in matches involving India? This is very unscientific, but I'm going to go check it out one of these days). But all in all, a lot of the cricket on display was mediocre, especially as far as the bowling was concerned. England's pace attack struggled against the Windies (to think that Harmison was rated as such a fearsome prospect just a couple of years ago, and now he can barely get his act together), and India's attack looked incapable, as has been depressingly commonplace in the course of its history, of delivering knockout punches (woah! yet another cliche). On that note, I found much of the comments bemoaning Kumble's absence a bit rich. Many, many, of the occasions in which India have failed to deliver aforesaid knockout punch have not lacked Kumble's presence. I do not doubt that he would have picked up wickets and caused some bother for the Bangladeshi batsmen. But the unstated conclusion, that with him, India would have rolled over the Bangladeshis is a bit much. On to Dhaka of course, but who knows whether the weather will co-operate, whether the Indian bowlers will, and most importantly, whether the Bangladeshis want to play ball (in lots of ways, from falling down to Indian bolwers to going for chases prompted by quasi-sporting declarations).


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