Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Redemption and body talk

I was going to start this post by complaining about India starting the day by using Sehwag with Kumble (I think using a non-regular spinner to start the day's proceedings when you need nine wickets with three full-time pace bowlers is terrible discouragement for the trio), but Dravid has gone ahead, taken him off, and even picked up Sarwan in the process. Now, if only Patel could do something about his loopy body language. He shambles, shuffles, looking hang-dog in the process, pretty much uses the first over of any spell just to warm-up, and looks disgruntled at having to run in and bowl. A hearty slap on the back, or perhaps frequent yelling at, from the coach and captain might help. Or then again, it might not, as Patel looks to this manner born.


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