Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mere mortals but champs

The Macquarie University Cricket Club wraps up their first Premiership since the 1995-96 season as they romp to victory in the 4th-grade final (defeating Burwood-Briars) in the Shires competition in Sydney. Check out the match report and photos. As my friend John Sutton (check out his beaming mug in the front row of the team photo on that link - and how he's already updated his home page with the result!) reported, "we won the bloody premiership yay!". And as I wrote back, "Well, us Centrals never won the comp - only a semi-final loss, and one heartbreaking one-wicket loss in the Grand Final." (Someday I'll post some match reports from those heady days - to make things worse, I dropped a catch in that one-wicket loss!)


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