Sunday, January 08, 2006

That Bradman Photo

A great cricket photo taken during the 1928-29 Ashes in Australia (Bradman's debut series): Bradman stepping out to drive Farmer White. Sadly, I do not have a copy of this image, but I'm hoping someone will find the old World Cricket Digest that did have it and help out. In the photo:

1. Bradman is at least 3 feet out of his crease.

2. The back face of Bradman's bat is parallel to his back.

Try this at home: pick up a bat (pick up a stick or a broom if you don't have a bat). Make like you're off-driving and follow through with the bat. See where the bat lands up. In all probability, the back face will describe some reasonable angle with your back. How could the back face of Bradman's bat land up parallel to his back? I've never seen a bat land up in that position. Does anyone else share my amazement or am I missing something?


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