Saturday, January 28, 2006

Scraping the bottom has clearly fallen on hard times, and are increasingly desperate for someone, anyone will do, to write for them. Scraping the bottom of the barrel thus has netted them Moin Khan, who deprived of the thudding of ball into gloves that kept his cerebellum in place, has started dispensing tripe, nay, dishing it out in copious measure.

First exhibit, another example of the delusional belief - apparently rampant in Pakistan whether it be crickters, journalists or bloggers - that Pakistani cricketers, and games against them, "haunt" Indians:

"Pakistan's recent victories in major Tests have been when they have batted first except when Pakistan won by nine wickets after Rahul Dravid made that dreadful mistake in Lahore two years ago when he elected to bat first on a seaming wicket. I am sure the ghost of that decision still haunts Rahul."

Then, this astonishing hallucination, prompted by Tendulkar's mistaken "walk" in the second test, which contains this fling:

"Sachin's controversial dismissal also reminded me of a few batsmen who preferred walking off the pitch on their legs rather than being carried away on stretchers when the great Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were at their brilliant best"

It takes a particularly convoluted mind to take a walk and turn it into evidence of cowardice. Perhaps the nurses at the Home for Retired Cricketers are being stingy with the medication. Moin, make sure you drink all the potion in the little cup on the bedside table before switching off the lights at night.


Blogger Rishi said...

Well written man.. Moin needs a reality check.. and an urgent one at that.

8:58 PM  

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