Saturday, January 21, 2006

The flagging spirit

Post-tea sessions can be cruel. The optimism of the morning session gives way to resignation and weary acceptance, the body tires as hamstrings and lower backs refuse to spring back into action, the ball loses life, and worst, batsmen sense this all and pile on the heat.

Watching Inzi and Afridi cart the Indian bowling all over the ground was to watch defensive lines fall, troops scatter, and stragglers run for cover. Frustration mounted, and when that inevitable companion of the bad-day-in-the-field, the wagged-finger (as Sachin's withering glance at Yuvraj for a bad piece of fielding showed) finally made its appearance, you sensed the day was over for the Indians and they wanted nothing more than to be back in the dressing room.

After Adelaide 2003, no prediction is safe, but statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that anything like that will happen again. But I won't file a complaint with the Probability Bureau if it does.


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