Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pay attention to the big guy

There seem to be two forces tugging at Indian cricket right now: the populist drive of the central government, which is forcing Ten to share its broadcast stream with free-to-air broadcasters, and the BCCI "young turks" bent on maximizing revenues from Indian cricket by cutting a better deal with the ICC (like more one-days with teams like Australia and England). The Super League idea has been a vague threat for years and years and I'm surprised that its taken this long to become an explicit topic of conversation (but perhaps a change of guard at the ICC was needed). The presence of two-tiers in test cricket needed to be made explicit at some point; this is whats done it. And the 800-lb gorilla like presence of the BCCI was going to be acknowledged as well - it'll be interesting to see what deal gets cut.


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