Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Onya Simon

I'm very impressed by Simon Taufel as an umpire, and agree with assessments of him as the best in the world. Three separate incidents confirmed this, each showing different aspects of his skills. First, he stepped in quickly after Shoaib's beamer, warning him, acting decisively to keep things under control. Second, when Akmal whipped off the bails to stump Dhoni off Kaneria, Taufel raised his finger right away, not bothering to call for a television replay, trusting his own judgment (Koertzen just did the same, giving out Kumble! Good stuff). Third, he gave Pathan out LBW, correctly judging that the loud bat sound occurred after the ball had already hit the pad (Razzaq's delivery straightened as it headed for middle stump).

May your tribe increase.


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