Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good catching form - in the stands

I saw one of the best spectator catches ever last night. Symonds clattered a massive blow straight back off Kallis, and the ball climbed high, 10-15 rows into the stands. A forty-something gentleman stood up, and smoothly pouched the ball. His style was perfect, and given that he was surrounded by seats, the effort was exemplary.

Years ago, while I was attending a IMG one-day game at Bankstown, bonus gifts were being offered to spectators that caught sixes in the stands. A Queensland batsman lofted one into the stands next to us, and a gentleman vainly tried, beer cup in one hand, to catch the ball. No luck. Slater trotted up, and quipped, "if you'd put the beer down mate, think of how many beers you could have bought!"


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