Saturday, December 31, 2005

Belated realization

From the Department-of-This-is-a-good-thing-now:

"Langer said critics had to realise that constant appealing by slow bowlers was part of the game when fielders were crowding around the bat in a tense atmosphere. "When you play on a wicket that is spinning a lot like we saw in Melbourne, there are a lot of people around the bat and there's a lot happening. In the past we've been critical of over-appealing on the subcontinent but if you look at it, that's almost the nature of the game in those circumstances."

Translation: The cricketing world has to realize that while in the past, it might have been OK to talk about "excessive appealing by over-excitable subcontinentals", its now time to change tack. We're doing IT now. So, please, realize that its good for the game.

Yawn. Someone wake me up when someone other than an "excitable subcontinental" gets fined for over-appealing.


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