Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's word is "fort"

The Australian cricket team visits a fort before the World Cup begins. This visit prompted the team's captain to remark thus:
"We really used the fort, and what a fort is," Ponting said in the Herald Sun. "The fort is there to keep people in inside, but it's also to keep people outside. "We had a good discussion about that, things we want kept out and things we want kept in among the group. Every player sat down and gave a couple of examples of both."
Whats not reported is what the players offered as their examples. How singularly frustrating. But as luck would have it, a confidential source sent along the following two samples. Apparently, Haydo said he was keen to keep the team's eskie inside and the Pakistani team's pharmaceutical supply outside (seeing as Haydo doesn't need to get any more muscles and could do with some muscular degradation); the Punter himself said he was keen to keep Sunny Gavaskar outside the dressing room (seeing as he's afraid he might wrap Sunny in an embarrassingly unmanly hug).

These are tantalizing; who knows what further gems lurk in the Aussie team's meeting minutes (I hope someone took full notes; but I needn't worry, I'm sure its been recorded on video and broken down frame-by-frame for body language analysis).


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