Friday, January 27, 2012

Angry Kohli

From the perspective of the Indian fan, the second session of the third day's play in Adelaide, when India lost only one wicket and that too at the very end, was probably the most satisfying couple of hours in the India-Australia series so far. I certainly enjoyed it. Not very much happened: no blistering strokeplay unleashed, no mountain climbed, no dominance established, just survival and a semblance of grit. That tells you something about how we've had to revise our expectations.

After tea, Virat Kohli got his hundred, and a very good hundred it was too, even if it came in hot weather on a fine batting wicket on which Ponting and Clarke had just hit double centuries. But Kohli celebrated like he had just reached 300, and appeared to call somebody (probably nobody in particular) a bhainchod. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Earlier, upon reaching fifty, he had acted like he had scored a century. A fifty used to be worth a nod and a little jab with the bat; now Indian batting has fallen so low that Kohli did a full pirouette. Bradman cometh, mofo.

I have nothing against a certain amount of emotional release on the field. (I liked the fact that Ganguly did a strip-tease at Lords.) Kohli seems to be a promising batsman, he has a personality, and a bit of fist-pumping and swearing is just fine. But there has to be some perspective. When your team has performed like a bunch of lost club cricketers for a full series (actually, two full series) and there is every indication that you are going to lose the last Test as well, the excited-Tarzan act at a personal milestone only makes you look like Sreesanth: a little unhinged and laughable. We're done laughing at this team and I wish they would just, you know, go away and lick their IPL contracts where nobody can see them.

The horrible thing about this series is that it's still not over. The T20 and ODI segments remain to be played, more celebrations are in store every time somebody takes a wicket or scores a fifty. These guys are very lucky that the farce will not be played out before Indian crowds. Australians are likely to be more forgiving.

Satadru Sen


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Blogger Cricketing Minds said...

India has won at least one T20 so far. Wohoo!
Applaud Dhoni & Co.

However, one person who should be kicked out immediately is VVS

I am so disappointed with his performance that I decided to do a piece on him on my blog: Analyzing his performances & assessing if he truly is deserving of his place in the side.
heres what the numbers had to say

Answer is clear to me...We don't need Laxman anymore....Your thoughts?

And if you like my analysis (or if u don't) leave us a comment and I'd love to discuss this more with u!

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Fast Bowling said...

Kohli needs to tone down, whilst the Indian fast bowlers could have done with a tad more controlled agression. Although a bit unlucky in the series, Sharma should have fired up.. at times he looked well and truly beaten.

1:50 AM  
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Anonymous livescore said...

In my opinion IPL getting down because some Indian extremist groups are treating to attack on IPL matches Indian Government and cricket board has to protect cricket and its events in their country.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Live Cricket said...

Kohli needs to calm himself down, He is the next India captain!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous livescore said...

No doubt that Kohli is the raising star batsman of Indian cricket and he should not be angry. He should follow his legends those have a lot of sportsman ship.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous sport games kit said...

He is the real cricket hero. he should control his anger as he is the future of Indian cricket team and play a key role in the team.
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12:22 AM  
Anonymous CricketNNS said...

@Live cricket - He has said that he is learning to curb his aggression. He is learning from MS Dhoni, who told him that if he learns to keep his cool, he will become a better cricketer.

But a little bit of aggression here and there is what we need to keep ourselves pumped up! :P

1:32 PM  
Anonymous WATCH NOW CRICKET said...

Kohli is a batsman who has capability to reach with Sachin's some of records. But He lose his temper very early. I think he will learn how to behave from his seniors. I am really happy that virat Kohli got caption ship in Zimbabwe series.

6:01 AM  

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