Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cricket sighting in administrative law ruling

From EPA vs. Universal Circuits, (Clean Water Act, Docket No. CWA-IV-88-001, April 11, 1990).

Administrative Law Judge Frank W Vanderheyden, as part of his ruling, notes:
Both the Act and penalty policy speak of economic savings as benefits resulting from the violations. In the context of the facts of this case, few wickets could be stickier.
What maakes this quote interesting is, a) it is found in an American legal dispute b) the judge, doesn't seem to be from a cricket playing country (he graduated from NYU in 1952). Perhaps a Dutch family member told him about the game? But "sticky wickets" aren't such common knowledge. Quite intriguing, I think.



Anonymous Ducking Beamers said...

Actually, Samir, I asked around and I think Americans know about the "sticky wicket" expression. I think it's a mysterious holdover from British times, or maybe lingo spread by secret Anglophiles here. I just heard it on a 'Mad Men' episode the other day...

11:19 PM  

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