Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nagpur night coming up

After a sub-par performance in the first two tests, India seem set to move into a winning position in the third test. Plenty of things can still go wrong of course: SRT and Dravid could dawdle even more than they did yesterday, and some quick wickets could make India's 300-run lead into a 200-run one. Which would then be followed by yet another Kiwi batting bonanza, facilitated by more blunt bowling from India's spinners. But all of that seems unlikely (even my spinning that out sounded a bit stretched). India should win this. What is of more interest to me is how they will do it. Dhoni insists that playing test cricket is about "taking care of the basics so that the results will follow". We'll soon see if India's "basics" include knocking out a doughty opponent quickly now that they have them on the ropes.

Incidentally, I don't suppose it has escaped anyone's attention that Tendulkar will be looking to score his 50th test century when play resumes "tonight". It's a mind-boggling statistic, and while I look forward to it, I will have to turn down the volume if it happens because I don't think I will be able to handle the hagiographic gushing emanating from the commentators.

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Blogger Golandaaz said...

On Sachin's will be the first known and recorded instance of a nation experiencing a collective

7:01 PM  
Blogger straight point said...

you are wrong gol...

that O thingy has already happened when whole nation ejaculated on cricinfo after sachin's 200 in odi...

however great 50th ton would be... it will never reach that euphoria...

9:49 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Thanks for the comments guys, though the way things are going, blogspot might censor this blog :)

But staying with the theme, one would have to say that SRT provided a KLPD.

More seriously, I'd rather he does it in South Africa. Those tons will be needed there.

11:17 AM  

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