Thursday, August 12, 2010

Broady you silly boy

Over at Different Strokes, I join the party in having a go at Stuart Broad (via having a go at Duncan Fletcher's lame defense of him in the Guardian).

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Blogger Jaunty Quicksand said...

There's something really ironic about the fact that Stuart's dad is about as touchy as a Match Referee can get when it comes to sentencing non-Aussie players and the reason he "pardons" the ones he does are two-fold - they were "being aggressive" and that they "accepted their fault to the Match Referee" hence a lighter sentence.

Ugh! I wish the Madugalle's and Srinath's of the world were replaced by the Ranatunga's and the Ganguly's - someone with more of a spine.

11:22 PM  

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