Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Galle'ing cricket

Meanwhile, far, far away in the fair isle of Serendip, the number-one-ranked, yet strangely (for some fans) inconsistent test cricket team i.e., India, is up to its sternum in the smelly stuff. The wash-out of the second day is the only reason I say "sternum" as opposed to a more northward-located part of the anatomy. India are still 63 runs behind, with only VVS, Dhoni and the limpest tail of all time to come. When Sri Lanka were 344-6 in the first innings (or when Sehwag was batting), I would have considered putting a fiver on the chances of this test being a tad more competitive. But that was a long time and a 115-run partnership for the ninth wicket ago.

All the usual signs of an Indian return to cricket are visible: the injuries to bowlers, the shakiness in the batting line-up, the inability to close out an innings which looks like it's on its last legs (and oh, lets not forget, the usual blazing ton from Sehwag, possibly again in a losing cause. Sigh). And since they are "usual" I am able to retain a certain sangfroid, and start looking forward to the second test. Score settling in Sri Lanka will have to wait for a bit.

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