Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sense and nonsense to kick things off

India versus South Africa gets underway in the World Cup T20:

Two little nuggets of wisdom from the captains in the usual pre-match cliche-fest. In response to Shastri's inane "what would you be comfortable chasing", Smith says "as little as possible." And MS Dhoni points out that one of the benefits of playing yesterday was that he got a chance to work on his field placings (in a larger field).

And Murali Vijay has just gone ahead and ruined the start by hanging his bat out to dry on the very first delivery that comes his way. I've now seen him get out a few times in ways that make him look absolutely clueless against the quicks. Too early to tell, but I hope he gets his head sorted out.

Karthik, meanwhile, looks sadly clueless. What has happened to this young man, who started off so promising but seems to have lost his way a bit.

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Anonymous duckingbeamers said...

You know, I go back and forth on Karthik (one 'a', or two). He obviously shows a lot of promise in non-India settings (he's had a pretty fine IPL career, for instance). I'd say two things in his defense: first, if it's a matter of experience, he'll eventually reach an age where he'll feel comfortable with pressure. Second, he just always looks like a fidgety fidgeter -- partially because he wears a helmet three sizes too big.

Point Two in my long comment: is the pre-match toss worth covering? Are there ways to make it better? I suppose we could just do it quick and dirty: cover the toss, say who's going to bat, and move on. There's no need to prod on strategy, since teams aren't going to give up too much.

But having watched these tosses for so long, I find it hard to give them up. It's become a part of cricket coverage rhythm.

11:47 PM  
Blogger कर्ण-गाथा said...

Karthik is clueless more because of his ever in n out stint in Indian team. When he knows he gonna play he plays well (like for Delhi in IPL). Its a silly situation but nothing he can do much about it...

8:18 AM  

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