Friday, May 21, 2010

Cricket in Florida, oh my!

A new post on the significance of the NZ-Sri Lanka T20 series in Florida is up at Different Strokes. I'm excessively optimistic at times and perhaps there are traces of that on display in this piece.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so sure about your optimism there Samir. If anything, Americans hardly take to new (and strange) things that easily (especially, considering, their low-brow attitude towards the game). Soccer is yet to get the major following (although its played in schools and colleges). The way to ensure Cricket takes root in the US is to encourage some format of the game to be played in schools and one can start with expat dominated areas such as NY, NJ, CA. It needs to appear more on TV here, which make it seem cool to the kids. For heaven sakes, they show Pool and Darts on TV in US and why not cricket?

12:11 PM  
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