Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BrawlGate and the Golden Mean

A new post on BrawlGate and the search for the golden mean is up at Different Strokes.

PS: I'm not sure I've said anything new in this post, but I still feel like I had to get it off my chest post-T20 WC.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its disgusting to see that some fans basically baited the players in to some sort of confrontation by heckling them off the field. How would I feel if some customer of mine (to whom I may not have delivered the best quality product - for a variety of reasons) saw me at a restaurant and started hooting and hollering at me? More importantly, the Indian media drums it up and tries to paint a picture of the "recently" unsuccessful Indian players as some sort of hooligans (which would make their narration of how ONLY the IPL parties had anything to do with their non-performance in WI). They don't wanna dig any deeper as who knows what they might find! Easy story lines, emotional banter on TV, Go after soft targets (players are, if they fail at any time) and there is your 24x7 news cycle filled up for a while, till Modi or something else comes along. There is no freakin' sense of moderation.

I also do not understand why people can't take out their emotions and rationally analyze a situation? Why the need for some quick-fix, put the blame on something right away and move on to the next topic, attitude displayed in media and amongst fans? Is that too much? (looks like it)

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