Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Back in the game

Right. So spring break is over and I can now get back to blogging, teaching, grading, and all of the rest. (I look forward to some of those activities more than the others).

The best way to jump back into all of this is to note that the IPL is too long. My first reaction, on returning to New York City from my travels was, "This thing is still on?". Yes, it is. 8C2x2 = 56. Games, that is. One can only imagine (with some fear) the prospects of an expanded IPL with even more games. On the bright side, Mumbai and Delhi are league leaders, which is just the ticket to keep me excited and interested (sort of) in the final outcome.

Meanwhile, this blog showed up on a blogger's list of the top 40 cricket blogs on the net. Normally, I would diss lists like that but what I like about this one is that its creator David Siddall seems to have put some effort into it. (And I've always wanted to feature on a top 40 list). I even found a few new blogs to check out. You probably will as well.

Lastly, this dude, Eyepeeyell on twitter is pretty funny. Can you a) guess his nationality and b) his location?

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