Thursday, March 05, 2009

Givin' the bird

JRod gives the bird to all and sundry in the wake of the Lahore attacks. Its a good list but its not comprehensive enough. Let me try and complete it. In that spirit, I give the bird to all those folks who:

  1. accused anyone and everyone expressing fears of touring Pakistan of being racist, greedy, hypocrites
  2. rushed to their keyboards the day after the Mumbai attacks, and after a perfunctory nod toward the 176 dead, said "If England tours India now, they will be racist, greedy, hypocrites"
  3. are ambivalent about violence in distant lands but demand sympathy and understanding and sensitivity when it occurs at home
  4. seek conspiracy theories as explanation but disdain introspection

Feel free to add your own. This is a free society; the Net is a big place.


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