Sunday, March 22, 2009

Detention time

I'm sitting here, watching Stuart Broad argue with Aleem Dar about the calling of wides (during the second England-West Indies one-day international), wondering if he'll ever get hauled up for dissent, or whether he'll just go on getting a free pass because of his boyish, cherubic, good looks. Because the more I see of this young lad's pouting, complaints, and schoolboyish whining (like about how he wanted to go home after the tests because he didn't like the pitches in the West Indies), the more the schoolteacher in me wants to make him go stand in a corner, and to only turn around when he's told to. Perhaps he can wear a dunce cap while he's at it.


Blogger Tifosi Guy said...

Mate, I think you have better chance of seeing Pigs fly before SB gets hauled up!

His dad is the ICC match refree and the bloke's English. No hope in hell of him getting hauled up then.

Now if this was the same situation with an Asian bloke can only imagine the reams of paper that would have been wasted on the same.

It's been galling to hear the likes of Hussain praising him to the hilt. He's a honest trier and got some talent, but if you hear Hussain, you would think he is Englands next saviour!!

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