Friday, January 30, 2009

RIP Bill Frindall

RIP Bill. Thanks for the wonderful afternoons I spent at the British Council Library in New Delhi, poring over your magisterial book on test cricket records. Your work was a labor of love, and deeply appreciated by this cricket nerd. I never minded taking the 470 out to Rafi Marg in Delhi's burning heat, because I knew I would be lost in your book's pages once I got there. And how those numbers made my head spin as I tried to imagine what feats had made them possible. I remember once telling someone that I preferred Frindall to Wisden when it came to cricket statistics; could higher praise be imagined? And I loved your contrariness about World XI games. You were right; they should never have been given test status.

Thanks again.


Blogger Thiru Cumaran said...

Man, It's so sad! I was in a state of utter shock when i saw it first thing on cricinfo (no exaggeration).

Just loved his column 'ask bearders' on bbc. Still can't forget the times on TMS when he'd shoot out the answer to any question directed at him by the commentators with regard to any stat. I think the most time he would've taken was about 5 second or so!

RIP Bearders, I'll never ever forget you!

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