Thursday, January 22, 2009

And over at Different Strokes

I'm getting seriously flamed over at Different Strokes. Check it out and join in the fun.


Blogger Jaunty Quicksand said...

But then, Samir, did you really not expect to get steamrolled when you "dared" to question the omnipotence of the Indian batting line-up?

Almost all the gut-wrenching Test losses in the past decade have come about when the "famed middle-order" (the phrase should be copyrighted) has let the team down. For all the bally-hooing about the New India that chased down 387 in Chennai, if Sehwag had not scored at the rate at which he did, India would have played out a draw. I do not, for even a minute, believe the bluster that they would have gone for it even if Sehwag had failed.

This batting line-up is not that different from the one in the 90's - we still rely on one man; then it was Sachin, now it is Sehwag. We go the way he goes.

Having said all this - I disagree with your comment that Laxman is going off the boil. I don't see that, either through visual perception or through stats, and I am willing to argue on both fronts with you!

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