Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm calling it

Time for a prediction (I haven't done these in a while): that Johnson drop means this Nagpur test will be drawn. As always, glad to be proven wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think a result is very much on the cards. my heart tells me that india need to force the issue and set a target...but mind says bat to safety.

if you had told me that an australian side would make 166 in a day's worth of cricket and still be behind after the killer start they got yesterday...i would have told impossible. but credit to ponting's "new age" cricket the possibilities are endless!

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the second innings might be different - if Vijay falls quickly tomorrow(which he surely will - batsmen from TN never have shown will power or mental strength despite talent and I am sure he will be no different), and Sehwag is daft(while batting - which is a huge surprise for someone who sees is crafty bowling) and goes early, it all depends on Dhoni. I rather think Dravid is also playing his last test and will fail again in the 2nd innings - just like we had the Langer surprise last year in the Ashes, this might be this year's expected surprise :-) (That Mark Waugh, he said he hoped that Rahul will bag a pair and get dropped forever, didnt he. Looks like his wish is being fulfilled in Nagpur).

Sachin and Saurav might fail and then if India fold up for around 250 even, Aus needs a max of 330-350 and I have a feeling that a batting order which has lee at #11 can be backed to do it.

Wait for a surprise tomorrow and day after!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger V said...

i had predicted a lead of 80 runs but that was for australia ..never saw this coming..166 in 6 hrs .."new age" cricket on display i guess.. not that i am complaining now we have the indians with the lead of 86..also,news here is that brett lee has a viral and is on drips..this tour has been a night mare for him,poor chap.. india would like to set a target of around 350-400 on the last day either the aussies will then settle for a draw by playing out the last day,which seems highly unlikly,but then that may also be possible with there "new age"cricket mantra...or will get out trying to score at 3.5-4 runs an over on a last day pitch ...either way B & G Trophy is comming home...YAY!!!! =P

10:16 AM  
Blogger Tifosi Guy said...

The series pretty much depends on the first session tomorrow. If India can score at a decent clip and not be more then 3 down at lunch, then Punter can take his ' new age' cricket back down under after having lost the series and the trophy.

Set a target of around 300 and we can barring any miracles actually win this test and the series 2-0.

What I can't wait for and read with hilarity would be the articles from the likes of Malcolm Conn, Jon Pierik ( guys check out this blokes horsey eyed reporting in the Telegraph Aus) and Chloe Saltau ( in Sydney morning herald). Absolute whingeing articles they would be and worth more than just a chuckle! I am just missing another good old India basher - Peter Lalor, wonder where he went!!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Sunny: I agree. India should force the pace and try and get a win, but I think they will first make sure they bat Australia out of the game completely. I don't think any target will be set that requires Australia to score at less than four an over. If that means batting into the fifth day (provided they don't get bowled out), then it will happen.

Raj: I agree to the extent that a great deal depends on the openers. When Dravid walks in, things will get bogged down again. I hate saying this, but I think Dravid has to go, and go soon. Also, I think Australia will definitely give it a go, and as you point they bat strong.

V: The best case scenario would be to make 325 odd before declaring. It puts it out of Australia's reach but just gives them a tantalizing sniff.

Tifosi: Phew, that lot is going to create a real stink when this series is over. I can't wait (not).

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My prediction is close to fulfilment - the result could well be Aussies winning - I would put it 80-20 for them now :-)
If only Ricky hadnt worried about over rates, it would have been pinpoint accurate - even the target should really have been 330-350 max but no worries, Oz will chase 380 down now!

1:06 PM  

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