Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Surely this is "hard but fair"?

Judge Hansen:
Mr Singh had innocently, and in the tradition, of the game acknowledged the quality of Mr Lee's bowling. That interchange had nothing to do with Mr Symonds but he determined to get involved and as a result was abusive towards Mr Singh. Mr Singh was, not surprisingly, abusive back. He accepts that his language was such as to be offensive under 2.8. But in my view even if he had used the words "alleged" an "ordinary person" standing in the shoes of Mr Symonds who had launched an unprovoked and unnecessary invective laden attack would not be offended or insulted or humiliated in terms of 3.3.
(Emphasis added).

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Tsk, tsk.


Blogger The Sporting Spirit said...

Its amazing how they can get away with anything and the slightest of things said by anybody else is CAUGHT and penalized...

10:30 AM  

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