Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just a small analogy

Since returning from my Australian travels, I've sat down with some of my local friends and spun the following story for them:
A women's basketball game in the WNBA is underway. One player on a team is a lesbian, and is out of the closet about it. Its a public, well-known fact. This same player, lets call her Lauren for the time being, is playing defense. A player from the opposing team goes up for a shot. Lauren jumps up, blocks it, and yells in the other player's face "Get out of my goal, you b**ch!". The opponent, turns and yells back, "F*ck you, you dyke". At this, Lauren goes over to the referee, and complains. The referee reports this to WNBA officials, who bring disciplinary proceedings under the WNBA's code of conduct, and suspend the opponent player for three matches.
I then ask my audience, has justice been served? To render the analogy more exact, I then say that the same pair of players was involved in a spat a few games before, that Lauren was called a "dyke" back then as well (once again, in a situation which she might have provoked), that Lauren instigated at least two other clashes with other players on the same team, and that at various away games, Lauren was subsequently heckled as a "dyke" by the home team's fans (the home team in this case being the banned player's). I then ask again, does the three-match ban make sense.

Interestingly enough, not one single person who has heard this story thinks the three-match ban is justified, and everyone thinks that "if Lauren wants to do a whole lot of trash-talking on the court, she should just deal with it".



Blogger Homer said...

Very apt Samir :)

10:14 PM  
Blogger Jrod said...

Did you just out Lauren Jackson?

7:07 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Er, thanks Homer :)

JRod: I was wondering if you would pick up on that (for the record, I don't think LJ is a lesbian). Reminds me of a time when I was watching the Hockeyroos playing England, I think, in the 2000 Olympics (with some of my cricket teammates). As the Hockeyroos scored a goal, one of us (wasn't me), yelled out, "Our lesbians are better than your lesbians!".

11:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

An apt and more-than-fair analogy. Presumably, you've been able to discuss the issue with people who have little knowledge of or interest in cricket or this particular issue and, more importantly, no parochial bias. The (very) few I've encountered who come into that category, certainly concur.

What I don't get, though, is how the whole thing culminated in Harbhajan getting fined for using abusive language....if the Judge found them both to have used abusive language, shouldn't they BOTH have been treated like the schoolkids they are. Besides, if fines are going to be meted out for abusive language, the Aussies (and several players from other countries) aren't going to be taking ANY wages home at the end of a day's play!?

Or was it a case of we've-convened-this-hearing-so-we-have-to-mete-out-some-punishment-that'll-keep-everybody-happy(-or-close-to-it)-so-here's-the-deal....
Or hopefully, it was a case of OK-the-buck-starts-here-from-now-on-you-guys-better-all-watch-out and we can all rewind to a world before sledging was invented and made commonplace....

By the way, little Ricky Pont(ificat)ing has referred to Judge Hansen's observations as an attempt at "character assasination" :o) - Yes, he did use those words!! :o)

P.S. For my money, the Argentinian lesbians are much nicer than the Australian ones :o)

2:45 AM  
Blogger Soulberry said...

Why didn't I read this then? :)

11:09 AM  

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