Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting towards the endgame

Symonds' little double-strike before tea took this test, which India were looking like running away with, and pushed it back just a little towards Australia. I suppose it says something about the Australians (and the Indians) that the current target of 370 doesn't inspire total confidence in an Indian fan. Both Dhoni and Kumble played slightly carelessly and expansively. Kumble in particular, must be kicking himself. He normally does not give away his wicket so cheaply and easily. The last two wickets are left now, and VVS' lack of ability when it comes to farming the strike or stepping up the tempo when the tail is around means that India might not add too many runs (of course, RP Singh, with a few more lusty blows could prove all that wrong). (Note: This inability of VVS to farm the strike lower down the order makes the decision to bat him at #6 even more mysterious). Whatever the target from here on, if India don't panic in the face of the inevitable Aussie attack in the second innings, we could be looking at an absolute cracker.


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