Thursday, October 04, 2007

Whole lotta talk going on

So I went to a sledging contest the other day, and a cricket game broke out. Wow. How much ranting and raving is going to happen in the press? I'm a fan of Harbhajan, but this moaning in the press about "vulgar" language is a bit precious. Hmmm..I seem to remember Harbhajan telling Pietersen to f**k off in an ODI a couple of years ago, and I seriously doubt the rest of his language is that of a choirboy. C'mon folks; if someone dishes it out, give it back. Otherwise, just play the game, and get on with it. And that goes for everyone, even the Aussie captain, who, I have to admit, does make a good point when he sayd ""Aggression doesn't mean sledging or giving personal barrage, it is having a presence on the field and playing good, aggressive cricket". OK, Punter, agreed. Now, can we just see that happening, please?


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