Sunday, August 12, 2007

The snail is back

Dravid is well past his fifty - in terms of balls, that is. In a rather strange effort, the Indian captain, even after having accounted for the dreadful start in the second innings, is futzing around on 3 off 57 balls. Doesn't look like someone that has a lead of 376. Bizarre, bizarre stuff. Its like he has forgotten that there are ways to score runs that don't always involve risks. I thought this part of Dravid was gone, but this effort so far is a reminder of the kinds of innings he used to play in the past. And plenty of times all it got him was a dismissal for very little (like the turtle, as Harsha Bhogle once described it, who stays under the shell, and then sticks its head out, only to promptly lose it).


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