Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slight setback, but still

A very slight fade by India at Trent Bridge as Dhoni falls after Taufel commits his second umpiring error of the day. What this means that the post-tea blast that one might have expected will not happen, and India, instead of having a bowl tonight, might well be continuing tomorrow morning (if the remaining wickets don't fall in a heap, that is). However, there are 40 overs left to be bowled today and if VVS gets cracking say, for the next 25 overs, we could see England batting again. Either way, India still well-placed but thanks to the SRT/Ganguly decisions and the Dhoni dimissal, they are not going to be racking up as huge a score as might have been predicted earlier at lunch.


Blogger The Atheist said...

Mate, what are you talking about?

You are going to batter us.

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