Monday, July 30, 2007

Not safe yet, but..

It was always on the cards that England would bat better in the second innings than they did in the first (and thats why India's lead of 283, while massive, could have done with a little boost), and that India's bowlers would find things a little harder as well. So far its gone that way: England have battled hard, and only one wicket has fallen. India will be hopeful, and they will know one wicket could change things quickly. But for that to happen, and for India to push on to the win they will desperately want, they will need all their bowlers to be consistent (especially Sreesanth). WOAH! That old going-to-the-bathroom trick worked! I've gotten rid of Strauss.


Blogger kamrul hasan said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey superstitions or whatever it is, the tricks to get the things working in India s favor. The go to bathroom trick when nothing is working or the "dont-move-from-your-place" syndrome when its going good are all small examples of fun attached with seeing the game gripped with tension and anxiety....

12:00 AM  

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