Sunday, July 29, 2007

'e's got sumpin' on his head

Poor Monty. He might be England's go-to strike bowler, but that won't stop Sky commentators from sniggering about his turban. Nasser and Atherton were discussing helmets in modern cricket, during which discussion Nasser remarked "Imagine Monty going out there without a helmet. Good luck". To which Atherton responded, "I can't imagine his patka offering him much protection". And on cue, Nasser chuckles in the background. Sigh. I've watched the relentless cultivation of the image of Monty as comical bumbler, possessed of a mysterious skill, given to over-excitability, and it all seems very, what shall we say, exoticizing? And if in case you had forgotten that Monty wears a turban just like those gents that used to populate comic-book tales about the North-Western Frontier, well, here was a little reminder. Have fun Monty.


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