Monday, June 25, 2007

Theres a bug in my whites

A mystery illness sweeps the Indian team (perhaps, now, the team will give Akash Chopra another go? and Ian Chappell offers his take on the challenges the Indian team will face in England (no, he didn't list that mystery bug, preferring to concentrate on matters cricketing). Such an outbreaks suggests food poisoning (or perhaps viral entritis). Whatever the particular diagnosis in this case, can someone please adjust the score on the England-India scorecard that keeps track of how many cricketers from each side fall ill while touring the other country. England has long boasted a healthy lead in this department (with the injury count on last year's series being particularly impressive). Indian requests for years to keep boredom, palms brutalized by early season catching practice and stomachs tormented by English cuisine on the list of eligible afflictions have been turned down, but surely, theres no arguing with a viral infection. When it comes to the cricket, of course, theres other threats that lurk.


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