Tuesday, June 05, 2007

'Nuffs 'nuff

I've given up on the kind of debate that features in my last post. Its depressing; I see no hope of mutual understanding in this recurrent flamethrowing. Read the comments at Kesavan's blog. The lines are so clearly, so frustratingly clearly drawn, its staggering. Not one of the people criticizing Kesavan seems to have read his post and Miller simply talks past the points that Kesavan makes. The color lines that people worry about in cricket are there in the comments (read the names attached to the comments). Enough for me. I've got better things to worry about (and besides it just reminds me of those idiotic flame wars that took up so much time back in the rec.sport.cricket days - phew, thats one place I'm never going back to). Everyone misses the intense critique that Indian fans level at the BCCI; and a new 'political correctness' is at hand - the one that says "boo-hoo, we can't criticize the Indians without someone jumping down our throats". Oh, yes, you can. Try it. Just don't hanker for the "old world".


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