Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not business as usual

Hold on to this link if you can, where Tom Gleeson says it will be business as usual at Cricinfo in the days to come. Though when things get embarassing, I suspect it will go missing. So perhaps the best thing to do might be to make a local copy of it. ESPN has acquired Cricinfo, as everyone knows by now, and I expect lots of things to change. Some for the worse (and in that article, some of the problematic possible changes are dismissed as non-possibilities by Gleeson). We'll see. What I'd like ESPN to do is to buy some new servers, so that the next time India plays a test match or an ODI, they can handle the traffic. Despite all their trumpet-blowing about being the best sports site on the net, come the time of a big match, their servers creak and groan like a geriatric pensioner's knees. And despite Gleeson's protestations, I suspect the days of free content on Cricinfo are numbered.


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