Sunday, June 17, 2007

Losing it

Have the folks over at Cricinfo lost the plot completely? According to them, the 1999 World Cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa, an exciting enough match to be sure, was
The greatest one-day match in history, and arguably the greatest game of cricket anywhere
Pardon my French as I address the unknown writer of these words: are you freaking nuts? It was a one-day international with a close ending (like hundreds of other one-dayers), it benefited from its placing as world cup semi-final, and its final out involved a twist involving tournament rules that meant that a tie ensured one of the teams won. But the greatest one-day ever? The greatest game of cricket? Look laddy, grow up, read a book or something. And get real. There are plenty of great games of cricket played every year. Some of them believe it or not, are not played in England, and are not one-day games.


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