Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another conspiracy theory?

So the New York Times finally deigns to cover cricket again - to talk about the non-murder of Bob Woolmer, of course. No way that the Grey Lady will bother to actually provide any real coverage of cricket. Interestingly, in Marc Lacey's May 16th article on the subject, the ethnic origins of the pathologist, Ere Seshiah, were not mentioned. But now that the reversal has come about, every report on this business has mentioned that is he is of "Indian-origin". Gee. Can we let the conspiracy theories be put to rest? Or is this matter so possessed of a life of its own that it won't go away? (Over at Cricinfo, the Pak Spin Blog has already seen a few spats break out because of this "Indian-origin" pathologist - absolutely hilarious stuff). I wonder how many people realize that being of Indian-origin in the Caribbean is pretty darn common? You know, like, if you'd bothered to pay attention to West Indian cricket you might have realized that.


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