Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A temporary interlude

I've been travelling and hence unable to blog on all that seems to be blowing up, around, and over world cricket: cups, murders, super-eights, and gigantic, spectacular, mountain-building-out-of-molehills (yes, I refer to Indian cricket's latest drama). SRT goes for the Chappell Institute, the BCCI swats away the latest pretender in the Indian cricketing scene, resignations are tendered, and calls made to rework the scene from the top. Historical perspective is necessary at moments like these, so that one can find it within oneself to resist the temptation to write some dramatic, something fin-de-siecle, something millenial. All is well; its Indian cricket. Once the Bangladesh beating is out of the way (oh, I don't know, which one indeed?) things will really get back to normal.


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