Monday, April 09, 2007

Stuck in the stone age

Take a gander at what Mr. Shashank Manohar, Feudal Lord #2 at the BCCI has to say about players, their endorsements and the BCCI. What the players need is a union, and a backbone, and what the world needs less is pompous zamindars like Mr. Manohar, who talk of players as if they were bonded labour, and not freely-contracting agents with rights in an employment marketplace. The BCCI is stuck in the stone-age. I welcome their arrival in the here and now. Wake me up when it happens.


Blogger Homer said...

Thing is, which of the cricketers has the gumption to take on the BCCI?

Take on the BCCI and the players are branded as trouble makers and lose opportunities to wear the India cap ( and considerable revenue streams), play ball with the BCCI and get treated like bonded labor.

Which is why non entities like Shashank Manohar , whose only claim to fame is the creation of a green top at Nagpur in the series against Australia (circa 2004) to spite Dalmiya at the cost of Indian cricket, can make statements like that with impunity.

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