Saturday, April 28, 2007

Captain's Log Part Two

2013 GMT: Something happened between Gilchrist and Jayasuriya in that last McGrath after the appeal for a caught behind was turned down, but no replays yet to provide more detail. I did see Jaya shake his head and grin as something was said from behind the stumps. I think it might have been the shirt that made the sound.

2017 GMT: Three spanking fours from Jaya as he launches into Watson. That buzz again. 66-1, 13 overs gone.

2023 GMT:" "Sri Lankan fans going off". Sanga takes McGrath for 14, finishing off with an amazing, awesome hook.


Blogger kenelmdigby said...

Right, game on ... and what I meant to say between innings (if I hadn't known it'd take soooo long to dig out that Clare Valley Shiraz ...) was that Australia really should have made another 30-40 runs ... some underachievement at the other end from Gilchrist throughout, just as in the Johannesburg loss (as Kallis allegedly said in the dressing room) their 438 was 10 runs short ...

And, it's not his fault, they did bowl too straight and too full, but Gilchrist didn't play a cover drive or a cut shot in his 149, did he ... you can't call those astonishing clean straight hits slogs, for sure, but he wasn't challenged for variety in the way that Sangakarra will be if he's to carry the day.

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