Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Tamim Iqbal fan club

I'm a big fan of Tamim Iqbal. While it happened at India's expense, the sight of him going after the fast bowler that bonked him one on the head was a thrilling sight, the stuff of real drama, and showed just what attitude he has (as Homer over at Two Cents noted). And then of course, in the next over came that six (as described in slightly purplish prose by the Cricinfo commentator: 10.5 Khan to Tamim Iqbal, SIX, Murder! Simply imperious! Charges down the track like a invading marauder and pulls a short-of-length delivery over long-on. What a fiesty player!). Iqbal slashes a fair amount so he's going to give bowlers a chance but if he can tighten up that aspect of his game and retain his spirit, he is going to provide plenty of entertainment in the years to come. Heres looking at you kiddo.


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