Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bravo Bangladesh

Joi Bangla indeed. Bangladesh were brilliant today; they bowled well, fielded well, and generally outplayed and out-thought India. India made plenty of mistakes, some of them forced, some of them unforced (like opening with Sehwag). But by and large, Bangladesh won on their own steam; they've definitely improved and could be a handful for most teams now. I like the look of Mortaza their paceman, and thought some of the strokeplay of their young bats was simply brilliant. At the end of it all, watching those fresh-faced boys run off the field, smiling ear to ear, was almost enough to make the disappointment of India's loss (which might knock them out of the World Cup) bearable.

And spare a thought for Pakistan, close to being knocked out of the World Cup as they wait for the weather to improve - or else, they're going home.


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