Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bide your time

As Pakistan stumble towards what looks like a defeat against the Windies, Tony Cozier ignores a cardinal rule of commentary (I just made it up): don't suggest rule changes when the action on the ground that prompts this suggestion has gone against your team. In this case, Tony suggests that the rule which forbids any contact by a fielder with the boundary rope while fielding, on pain of being awarded the boundary, be amended so that all that should matter is the ball being kept in play. Whatever the merits of that proposal (and I'm not sure there is all that much), Tony should have waited till some West Indian had benefited from that rule before making that suggestion (he did so after Gayle's fielding off a Malik hit towards long-on was negated). Though, I suppose when it comes to Tony, my suggestion is hopelessly quaint: he can be quite an ornery partisan.


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