Monday, December 18, 2006

Wow, did that really happen?

So, I didn't pick Sreesanth (or at least, didn't think the tour selectors would pick him ahead of Pathan). I did pick the Dravid-Tendulkar partnership on the first day as crucial. Other than that, I got everything else wrong. I didn't think India would do what they did at the Wanderers, and whats more, do it with a performance built around gritty batting, hard-working bowling and an inspired fielding performance. Phew. Much more later, but for now, a quick acknowledgement of an amazing comeback by the Indians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome performance :-) The Indians seemed to be in some kind of zone. Everyone seemed to have played beyond their limits here. Can. Not. Believe. This.

2:07 AM  

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